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Korniche Aluminium Roofs

The new slim-line Korniche is the next generation of aluminium thermally broken roof lanterns. With each component engineered to work perfectly with the next, the outcome is truly game changing.

The fully aluminium Korniche has been elegantly designed to retain traditional features in a contempory setting. By featuring slim sections and marrying them almost seemlessly together with hidden fixings, the beautiful sight-lines flow unbroken and gracefully from the ridge down through the spas.

Meticulously designed using state of the art CAD software, the Korniche is undoubtedly the strongest and stiffest roof lantern on the market. Strong and robust aluminium lugs have been engineered to adjoin the profiles and coupled with internal bracing in the ridge and eaves sections, the resulting strength is unparalleled.

By totally isolating the external aluminium profiles from the internal ones, cold bridging is eliminated. Combined with high performance roof glazing, the Korniche’s ability to reduce heat transfer is in a class of its own.

Keeping the rain and wind out is vital to maintaining a comfortable environment inside the home. With market leading Q-LON Gaskets and cleverly designed LSR seals we have achieved probably the best level of sealing of any lantern or consrvatory roof currently on the market. Alongside this we have designed out the need for the roof to require any additional silicone sealent except between the existing roof upstand and the eaves beam meaning a substantially faster and cleaner installation

The Korniche is not only breaking boundaries in terms of aesthetics, strength, thermals and weather performance, it is also setting new standards for ease and speed of fit. Due to the simplicity of the design each roof can be assembled in a fraction of the time of any other system.

Developed to be easy and quick to install the Korniche only requires a cordless screwdriver to fasten all the fixings. Apart from the screws fastening the eaves beam to the upstand the only other fixings are all 5mm hex button head screws which we even supply the torx driver bit for in each kit.

The Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern is delivered as a kit, all parts securely wrapped and boxed accompanied with an easy to follow, step by step installation guide to allow for a quick and efficient fitting of the lantern roof. Precision fabrication and manufacturing processes means the Korniche requires few tools and less time..

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