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House Extensions

House extensions supplier

We offer house extensions across Gravesend, Dartford, Bexley, Welling, Rochester, Orpington, Bromley, Greenhithe, Erith, Bexleyheath & surrounding Kent areas.

Our house extensions are the perfect option for bringing more space to your home, whilst avoiding the time consuming and costly process of moving home. Whatever you plan to use your new extension for, we’ll be able to bring something ideal to your home. All of the options that we offer are fully thermally efficient and regulation approved for your complete peace of mind.

Not only will you be able to bring a new living area to your home that you can use all year, but you’ll also be able to invest in something outstanding for your home. Due to their modern design and innovative manufacturing process, all of our extensions offer an impressive lifespan. This means that they can continue to deliver industry-leading standards time and time again.

Extension Roof Choices

Utilising the Ultraframe design, our range of house extensions can be accompanied by a range of high-performance roofing systems. This means that you’ll be able to bring a bespoke addition to your home that looks and performs in accordance with your needs. All of the roofing options that we offer achieve cutting-edge standard of thermal efficiency, weatherproofing, durability and appearance. Our options include:

Classic Roof

The Ultraframe Classic roof, otherwise known as the performance glass roof, has evolved over the years to meet the demands of the modern homeowner. As a design that has been refined over the past 30 years, this extension roof has always responded to contemporary trends to ensure that it stands at the forefront of performance and appearance.

This roof allows natural light to pour into your home, without compromising on structural integrity. These roofs are built to the weather loads in your post code area, so you can be sure that you are bringing something to your home that is the perfect fit. These roofs have also been tested in winds as high as 130mph to ensure they continue to perform even in the harshest weather.


The Livinroof is the ideal solution for homeowners looking to enjoy the combined benefits of glass and solid roofing. As the first roof on the market to offer the best of both, the Livinroof is an incredibly flexible extension roof that allows you to choose the shape and position of the glazed panels. This means that you’ll be able to let the light in, your way.

This roof allows you to make the most of a bright and spacious extension, which still offers the privacy and ‘room-like’ feel that you would get from a solid roof. This highly adaptable roofing system allows you to bring a bespoke feel to your home, no matter if you have a new build or a traditional style property.


Allowing you to achieve an extension that gives you a cosy, homely feel, the Ultraroof combines the traditional charm of a tiled conservatory roof with modern innovation. As the strongest and lightest tiled conservatory roof on the current market, this roof can be installed quickly and effectively to reduce the disruption to your daily life.

This roof is perfectly complemented by an insulated internal pelmet, which houses lighting and speaker options to bring you a bright and comfortable living area. You can also choose to have glass panels installed to let any natural light into your home, allowing you to enjoy a spacious feel that remains comfortable no matter the weather.

Super-Insulated Columns

Super-insulated columns offer a modern alternative to the traditional brick pier build, adding a touch of style to your home whilst ensuring your extensions remains warm and comfortable throughout the colder months. These columns achieve a standard of thermal efficiency that is five times that of brick, so you can be sure you’re bringing a worthwhile investment to your home.

Achieving a modern and sleek appearance, these columns feature external aluminium cladding and can be installed in a choice of three high-quality colours: including two shades of white. Not only will you be able to improve the thermal efficiency of your home, you’ll be able to do it in a way that perfectly complements the appearance of your property.

House Extension Options

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  • Performance Glass House Extensions

    This extension expertly combines the Ultraframe Classic roof, performance glazing and masonry piers/super-insulated columns. You’ll enjoy a comforting feeling of solidity, and benefit from building regulation approved standards of thermal efficiency so you can use this extension all throughout the year. You won’t have to worry about it becoming too hot or too cold.

    This roof is fitted with intelligent glazing that helps to keep your room at a perfect temperature, and can be fitted in traditional or contemporary styling to suit your tastes. We offer the performance glass roof as a made to measure option, and you can choose from either uPVC or aluminium depending on your requirements.

    This replacement roof has the following features:

    • Traditional or modern styling to suit your home and your tastes.
    • Made to measure design to ensure maximum performance.
    • A choice of aluminium or uPVC material.
  • Livinroof House Extensions

    The Livinroof extension stands as a highly flexible option for your home, offering you the freedom to get something that perfectly suits what you are after. This modern design, utilising the high-performance Livinroof system, allows you to choose where and how you want the glazing to be. It is also accompanied with a contemporary grey panelled roof for a modern finish.

    This extension also features an internally plastered vaulted ceiling that can be used to add spotlights or pendant lighting. For your peace of mind, this extension is fully Building Regulations compliant, allowing you to remove the internal doors if desired. Much like our other extensions, we design the Livinroof extension with your post-code in mind to match local weather loads.

    This extension includes:

    • A minimum of 4 large corner columns, including a number of in-line columns, depending on your specification.
    • Fully customisable and versatile design to ensure it fits your home perfectly.
    • Shaped glazing for a beautiful internal finish.
  • Ultraroof House Extensions

    The Ultraroof house extension offers the fantastic combination of brick piers and super insulated columns, bringing together a beautifully plastered interior with an authentic looking tiled exterior. This extension allows you to enjoy a vaulted ceiling, with the inclusion of glazed panels allowing for the natural light to come in.

    This extension can be installed with super-insulated columns and an internal pelmet to combine exceptional thermal efficiency with stunning aesthetics. This means that your extension will feel much more like a part of your home, bringing a seamless feel and look across the board. We also offer you the option to install lighting and speakers for a personal touch.

    This extension includes:

    • A minimum of 4 large corner columns, including a number of in-line columns, depending on your specification.
    • High thermal efficiency and building regulation compliance, allowing you to remove the internal doors.
    • A design that is designed based on your post-code to suit local weather loads.
  • Glazing Options

    Smart Glass
    We have a range of Smart Glass available. This range is designed to solve common conservatory problems such as being too hot or cold and too noisy when it rains.

    • Neutral, Neutral 4S, Blue, Blue 4S, Aqua, Aqua 4S, Bronze, Bronze 4S and Ultimate Blue options available
    • U values of 1.0 can be achieved with certain option
    • Heat reflection technology reduces heat build-up in the summer
    • Self clean glass makes it easier for the end user to maintain their new conservatory


    We use Molan polycarbonate roofs. These are available in a range of tints to help control the temperature in a conservatory, reduce solar glare and provide protection from harmful UV radiation.

    • Available in 25mm to 35mm sheets
    • Choose from Clear, Bronze, Opal, Bronze / Opal or Heatguard / Opal tints
    • Lightweight with excellent impact resistance
    • Can achieve U values as low as 1.2


Conservatory Prices, Kent

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