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Lantern Roofs

The Lantern conservatory style was the original conservatory style when they were known as orangeries. For those with the right budget, a lantern conservatory style makes a fantastic statement of grandeur and elegance.

Lantern conservatories feature a two-tier conservatory roof on different levels, creating a 'wedding-cake' effect. The two levels are separated by a row of windows that is highly stylish and makes this style ideal for period properties of Victorian and Edwardian vintage, where relatively plain conservatories might not match the grandeur of the existing building.

  • More thermally efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems.
  • Hard wearing aluminium exterior for a premium, architectural look.
  • 20° pitch and discreet cappings create an incredibly clean and modern look.
  • 66% smaller ridge than standard systems for beautiful aesthetics.
  • 2 way, 3 way or contemporary designs available

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