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Solid Roof

Whether you are constructing a new home extension or replacing an old existing conservatory roof, Our Solid Roofs can give you total design flexibility and the ability to create stylish and thermally efficient rooms like no other solution on the market.

  • Livinroof

    The Ultraframe Livinroof system brings a perfect balance between the benefits of a solid and glass conservatory roof. The design flexibility of this conservatory roof allows you to bring a bespoke addition to your home, relecting a personal touch. It also incorporates a modern, insulated internal pelmet that can house lighting and speakers for a light, comfortable and homely feel.

    The glazing panels can be installed in any shape, allowing you to place them exactly where you want them. This gives you the freedom to light up your home in a way that suits you, without having to compromise on thermal efficiency, durability or conservatory roof performance. This roof makes it easy for you to transform your home.

    Solid conservatory roof
  • Ultraroof

    If you're looking to bring a traditional tiled aesthetic to your home, the Ultraroof solid roof is the perfect solution. Operating as the lightest and strongest conservatory roof on the current market, this system can eb fitted to old or new windows and doors alike. This means you'll be able to get a roof design that suits you.

    Further to this, the Ultraroof allows the installation of multiple glass panels to help let the light in. A member of our friendly team will be on hand to advise you on the best glazing placement for your home. These roofs are also quick to install, which means that you'll be able to enhance your home sooner and with less stress and hassle.

    Solid conservatory roof

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