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Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors

Our offer of wooden doors includes internal and external doors to houses, apartments and public buildings. Our wooden doors are manufactured in accordance with individual customer requirements, ensuring a perfect fit to the design and colour of the interior door. Our company produces wooden English doors also for individual customer orders. We take into account all customer requirements and we strive to take all steps to meet our client’s expectations

Front Enrance Doors

Front entrance doors are the showcase of every home, so it’s worth taking care of their appearance, encouraging them with their appearance, composing and creating harmony with the object and its colors.

Wooden doors are one of the most beautiful elements of window and wood capentry.

Front doors are made according to the individual requirements of our customers, because we are able to perform almost every door model. For each model, we can add some side lights, top lights, choose the pattern of lighting from another model, change the type of glazing or glazing. The door can be single or double. Wooden doors have good insulation and acoustics.

French Doors

This is a terrace (garden) door in English style, opened depending on the needs, inside or outside. They are extremely functional, although more often chosen for aesthetic reasons. Thanks to this solution, the interior of the house gets more light and heat. If you are looking for an elegant set of doors that will bring out the beauty in every room, the French Doors are a great choice. We have a wide selection of French Doors. The variety of shapes, colors and materials will allow you to fit the right pattern for you. We strive to ensure that our doors are made of the highest quality wood.

A wide selection of panels, glass and wood as well as individual design solutions complements each room. French doors are very functional and make the interiors are brighter, warmer and let more sunlight into the room. Made of natural wood, they add elegance and are suitable for painting.

Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are doors that will make you feel like you are sitting in the garden. Thanks to the freedom of assembly, they allow you to create a large space. Very often they are used in cafes and restaurants. They can also be used as a partition wall to connect two rooms into one whole in just a few seconds. Bi-folding Doors will work great everywhere, where you want to open the space to the outside world.

Bi-folding Doors are made of high quality, timeless oak, exotic meranti or pine wood. They are available in many colors and almost any form. It will harmonize with the exit from the living room to the garden or flowered area of your premises, that is, wherever you want to combine the interior with the surrounding nature.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the perfect choice for nature lovers and those who love communing with nature every day. Huge, glazed wing surfaces (up to 6 meters wide) make it reach the maximum available daylight. An additional advantage of the sliding doors is a high-quality seal that effectively protects against bad weather conditions such as rainfall, noise and wind. The advantage of this type of door is the low threshold which makes it comfortable to move around the house.

Sliding doors open to the outside, used as an exit to the terrace or garden, but also as an attractive and practical division of the house. The main applications are in places where we cannot afford to close the space with a fixed element. An undoubted advantage of this type of door is the possibility of opening the whole passage space.

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